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  Kaunas Cinema Centre Romuva invites children of all ages to participate in fun and meaningful educational activities. Special screenings of the program "Learning from Cinema", educational workshops and summer camps will help them learn more about the art of cinema. These programs help develop the artistic and social skills of the participants, broaden their horizons and allow them to discover their creative potential, and expand their cultural perception. All educational activities are led by experienced lecturers, artists and the Romuva team.

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Educational programs

Learning from Cinema

Films of the program are selected according to age groups, relevant topics for the class, developing general competences. Discussions after the film are possible – pupils, while watching the film with the whole class will each experience something personal, but all together they will be sharing a common experience.

Animation laboratory

Educational-creative workshop "Starewicz’s Animation Laboratory" invites young film enthusiasts to get acquainted with the history of animation. During the workshop, participants develop a plot of a short animated film and create it using the stop-motion technique and animation puppets.

Cinema quiz

In the authentic environment of the historical Romuva cinema, students will immerse themselves in the history of cinema from the origins of cinema to the films currently being watched in cinema halls. There are three different brainstorming themes to choose from.

Screenwriting workshop

During the education, the participants will learn the basics of script writing and the peculiarities of dialogue creation, they will get to know the theory and structure of writing a film script. Working in small groups, they will have the opportunity to write an excerpt from the script, which will be read and acted out by their classmates.

Animation from scratch

During the animation workshop, participants create a story for a short animated film, make characters out of cut-outs or plasticine and bring them to life using stop-motion animation techniques. The workshop fosters creativity, teaches teamwork and visual storytelling.

Meeting Ch. Chaplin

Educational-creative workshop "Meeting with Č. Chaplin" helps to get to know silent cinema. Participants learn about silent cinema, watch and discuss some of the most famous silent film scenes and try their hand at creating animation using the stop-motion technique.

Cinema illusions

During educational sessions with optical toys, pupils learn about the early history of animation, the old devices that create the motion illusion, they draw animation strips themselves and watch their characters come to life.

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