In the authentic environment of the historical "Romuva" cinema, students will immerse themselves in the history of cinema, from the origins of cinema to the films currently being watched in cinema halls. The playful education of the battle of wits will allow you to get to know the types of movies, genres, and significant events in the history of cinema. Here, students will be able to check their existing knowledge and apply the theory briefly and attractively inserted in the inserts.

During education, students will answer questions while working in small groups, thus developing teamwork competencies.

Possible brainstorming topics:
For grades 1-5 - "Animation"
For grades 6-12 - "Lithuanian cinema" or "World cinema"

Class or school leaders can arrange the winnings, but this is not necessary.

Education is for grades 1-12. for students.
The number of participants is 20-40 students (one class).
Duration: 60 min.
The price of education is 6 eur/person.

Information about the educational activities is available:
by phone: 8 670 25508
by e-mail

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