"To make a good movie, you need three things: a script, a script, and a script again," said director Alfred Hitchcock about the importance of a script for a motion picture.

In the screenwriting workshop, we will answer the questions: why a good screenplay is the basis of a film, why engaging dialogue requires conflict, and how to "talk" the created characters in writing.

During the education, the participants will learn the basics of script writing and the peculiarities of dialogue creation, they will get to know the theory and structure of writing a film script. Working in small groups, they will have the opportunity to write an excerpt from the script, which will be read and acted out by their classmates. The selected writing topics are related to the everyday problems of teenagers, conflicts at school or in the family. By looking at various situations from different angles, students learn empathy and understand others.

The workshop promotes creativity, teamwork skills, public speaking, and increases awareness and empathy.

Edukacija skirta 7-12 kl. moksleiviams.
The number of participants is 15-30 students (one class).
Duration: 90 min.
The price of education is 6 eur/person.

Information about the educational activities is available:
by phone: 8 670 25508
by e-mail edukacija@kcromuva.lt

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