Drama, Family

Emma and the Black Jaguar

Original language: dubbed in Lithuanian

Le dernier jaguar

Six-year-old Emma, ​​who lives in the Amazon jungle with her scientist parents, befriends a jaguar cub. After poachers hunt his mother, the black jaguar is left all alone. A good-hearted girl takes in a helpless "kitten" and names it Hope. Unfortunately, the poachers soon become responsible for the tragedy that happens in the girl's own family - the only remaining father of Emma can no longer be in the jungle and returns to his native New York with his daughter.

In the city, the girl gradually gets used to civilization, but she cannot forget the beauty and freedom of the jungle. Eight years go by. But unexpectedly, an old family friend reports that poachers are once again attacking Emma's only jaguar left in the jungle. Without hesitation, the teenager decides to go to her childhood home and do everything to protect her "hope".

Before they can figure out how to outwit the poachers, the girls face another challenge - will Hope recognize her after all these years? After all, the black jaguar is no longer a cute kitten, but an adult predatory beast. Will they be able to renew their friendship?

Director: Gilles de Maistre
Year: 2024
Country: France, Germany, Canada
Runtime: 100 min
Rating: V
Starring: Lumi Pollack, Emily Bett Rickards, Wayne Charles Baker
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