And the king said: what a fantastic device!

Original language: Swedish, English, French, German, Arabic

The King Said, What a Fantastic Machine

Full of humor, philosophical spirit and energy, the collage film travels through the history of moving images. From the first movies and photos to today's Hollywood, the iPhone, Instagram and more than 45 billion cameras worldwide. The directorial duo look with love and irony at the contradictions of modern visual culture, including propaganda films about Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, behind-the-scenes footage of the ISIS militant group in Yemen, young Russians performing adrenaline-fueled stunts on top of the world's tallest buildings, and Leni Riefenstahl's camera masterclasses. The film makes us think about what it means to be surrounded by images competing for our attention and to look at the modern visual world we live in with new eyes.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: history, ethics, psychology, class lesson, general competencies.

Topics for conversation after the movie: visual culture, media literacy, technology.

Director: Axel Danielson, Maximilien Van Aertryck
Subtitles: Lithuanian
Year: 2023
Country: Denmark, Sweden
Runtime: 88 min
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