How we played the revolution

Original language: Lithuanian

How we played the revolution

In the time of François Rabelais, people knew that carnivals destroy the normal order. Under Mikhail Gorbachev, it became clear to them that carnivals destroy empires. The film tells the story of a joke that took place in the mid-XNUMXs, when there were still no signs of revival in Lithuania, and during the New Year's Carnival of Young Architects in Kaunas, the rock band "Antis" was created as a joke.

Impressive circus-like make-up and props, stylized performances, bitter and sharp texts created an aggressive caricature of Soviet life. Quickly and unexpectedly even for the members of the group, "Antis" became the most prominent flag bearer of the Singing Revolution and a mass phenomenon that attracted thousands of followers. This is the story of a small country, its special period and the people who, despite the danger, won their Independence with a smile on their face and a song on their lips.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: history, ethics, psychology, civic education, general competencies, class hour.

Topics for conversation after the movie: Lithuanian history, rebirth, liberation from Soviet oppression, the role of the rock group "Antis", the singing revolution.


Director: Giedre Žickytė
Year: 2011
Country: Lietuva
Runtime: 67 min
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