The earth is as blue as orange

Original language: Ukrainian, Russian

The Earth is Blue as an Orange

The documentary, awarded for best direction at the famous Sundance (USA) film festival, reveals the everyday life of a family living on the front line in Donbas, Ukraine. While the outside world is plagued by the sounds of bombs and chaos, single mother Ana and her four children in a war zone manage to keep their home as peaceful as paradise, full of life and light. A passion for cinema, which has taken over all family members, inspires them to film, edit and present a film inspired by their own lives during the war. The creative process reveals the power and magic of art in the face of disaster. For Anna and the children, transforming trauma into creativity is the only way to remain human.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: history, ethics, psychology, civic education, general competences.

Topics for conversation after the movie: Ukraine, war, family values, art.


Director: Iryna Tsylyk
Subtitles: Lithuanian
Year: 2020
Country: Ukraine, Lithuania
Runtime: 74 min
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