Don't forget to breathe

Original language: Slovenian

You can't breathe

15-year-old Klemen lives with his older brother Peter and his single mother in a remote province of Slovenia. Clement's exclusive time spent with his beloved brother on the tennis court and in the nearby river is interrupted by Peter's sudden and passionate love affair with his classmate Sonja. Such an event provokes a sequence of conflicting emotions and reckless actions of Klemen.

The film encourages everyone to think about family and romantic relationships, the first steps into the adult world, personal identity and the concept of independence. To pay attention to the relationship between brothers, the inner world of a teenager, conflicting emotions and feelings, managing emotions.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: ethics, general competencies, moral education.

Topics for conversation after the movie: family relationships, brotherly love, personal identity, managing emotions, the concept of independence.


Director: Martin Turk
Subtitles: Lithuanian
Year: 2019
Country: Slovenia
Runtime: 97 min
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