Nut bread

Original language: Lithuanian

Nut bread

The film is based on a short story by Saulius Šaltenis and tells the story of two families living in the neighborhood - Šata and Kaminska. They are constantly quarreling about something, but a real fight started because of a sick cow. The children of these families, Andrius and Liuka, on the contrary, get along perfectly. However, the neighbors will be explaining their relationship for a long time to come.

It is a lyrical story in which gentle memories of childhood in the village, first romantic feelings and the beginning of real life are intertwined with tragicomic misunderstandings and human weaknesses.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: Lithuanian literature, history, moral and artistic education, general competences.

Topics for conversation after the movie: Lithuanian cinema, Lithuanian traditions, portraits, family relations, symbolic language in works of art.


Director: Arūnas Žebriūnas
Year: 1978
Country: Lietuva
Runtime: 71 min
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