Rock is changing the world

Original language: dubbed in Lithuanian

Rocca changes the world

Bold, funny and unique - this is Roka. She is 11 years old and her life is really special: while her dad is on space missions, Roka attends a regular school for the first time and spends time with her squirrel. Full of inexhaustible optimism, Roka proves that even children can change the world. The mission is to always see the bright side of situations, oppose injustice, color your own and others' lives with irresistible optimism. Topics include self-confidence, love of life, family relationships.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: social, moral, artistic education, class lesson, general competencies.

Topics for conversation after the movie: friendship, the fight between good and evil, courage to overcome fears, interpersonal relationships, moral choices.

Director: Katja Benrath
Year: 2019
Country: Germany
Runtime: 101 min
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