Sweet east coast

Original language: English

The Sweet East

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland meets Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita in a mischievous satire of contemporary American political and social realities. High school senior Lilijan gets separated from her classmates on a trip to Washington, D.C., and embarks on a kaleidoscopic journey through the East Coast where she becomes unexpected fellow travelers. squatters-artists, neo-Nazis and leftists themselves moviegoers. As Lilijan changes names and "measures" new identities, a portrait of a radicalized, politically divided America, seasoned with a good dose of humor and absurdity balancing on the border of political correctness, is presented to the audience.

Sweet East Coast is the directorial debut of Sean Price Williams, one of America's preeminent contemporary independent cinematographers, which premiered at Cannes.

Director: Sean Price Williams
Subtitles: Lithuanian
Year: 2023
Country: JAV
Runtime: 105 min
Rating: N-16
Starring: Talia Ryder, Earl Cave, Simon Rex
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