The sixth "Let's play cinema" brainstorming session

To participate in the brainstorming, register by e-mail. email and specify the number of members and the name of the group. 

Fee per participant: EUR 3,00 (the fee is paid at the box office of the cinema before the event).
Number of members in the group: 2-8 persons

We invite you to the brainstorming series of the project "We are playing cinema". From 2023 November to 2024 eight brainstorming events await you in April, where you can test your knowledge about cinema and learn new unexpected facts about movies.

Each brainstorming session will consist of several stages, different types of questions, and the winners will be awarded with invitations to the cinema of Kaunas Cinema Center "Romuva". During the eighth Brainstorm in the spring, we will also publish a general leaderboard and award special prizes to the best players, so we encourage you to participate with the same team. It's true that you don't really need to participate in all brainstorms - you can form a team and join at any time, because the questions are not related, and there are prizes for the winners of each event.

This screening is part of the "Playing Cinema" project. The project is financed by the Collaborate to Innovate fund (Creative Europe program of the European Union).

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