Movie day with the class

We know that in the summer, the school bench becomes less comfortable, and thoughts more often wander to dreams of the ever-approaching summer vacation and the adventures that await. We have prepared a news item for schools - "Cinema day with the class". These are two new offers - 1-5 kl. for schoolchildren and seniors in grades 5-8 for students. We invite students to consider how they could save the world and in what ways they could realize their dreams.

Offer for students in grades 1-5
Together with the film educator, students will try to find out what a superhero is and what superpowers help us be better. Students will have a poster-making workshop on the theme "I am a superhero". In a private movie screening for your class only, we will invite students to watch the film "The Hand Changes the World" (dir. Katja Benrath, 2019). After the film, students will play a game that will allow them to better understand the film they have seen, discuss the topics of friendship, empathy, and self-confidence.

Offer for students in grades 5-8
We will invite students to discuss the topic of dreams - what is a dream, what to do to turn a dream into reality. Together with the educator, the students will draw a diagram "Towards a Dream", after which the students will watch the film "Crazy Tours" (dir. Christian Lo, 2019) in a private movie screening. After watching the humorous film, students will be invited to discuss the topics of friendship, dreams, and responsibility through games.

The offer is intended for school classes, in the summer months (June - September).
Price: 11 eur/person.
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Educational sessions are organized from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. on weekdays for groups of 20 or more.

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