Romuva cinema is looking for volunteers

The renovated Kaunas Cinema Center "Romuva" is changing its face and becoming the "Romuva" Cinema House. And it's always more fun at home when a large family is around. We invite you to become a volunteer and contribute to the activities taking place in the cinema, get to know like-minded people and reveal your talents!

Why is it worth volunteering?

Volunteers take part in events held in the cinema - film presentations with guests, help at film festivals, meet people who love cinema. Creates cinema communication, writes cinema world news and reviews of watched films. Express your creative abilities through photography or videography. Contributes to the creation of the cinema repertoire. Can initiate new cinema activities and implement them with the help of cinema staff.

Who can volunteer?

High school students, students, adults who want to spend their free time meaningfully, get to know like-minded people and the film industry can become volunteers.

How to become a volunteer?

It is very easy to become a volunteer of the Romuva cinema house! You just need to fill out the form and get an answer.

Volunteer form:

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