March is Bullying Free Awareness Month

We invite you to celebrate March, Bullying Free Awareness Month, and watch films that promote a sense of community, social awareness and inclusion. Especially for this occasion, we have put together a program of films for schools that will help analyze the causes of bullying and encourage discussion.

Students can come to the screenings of the films "Falcons", "The Queen of Nyndorf", "The Inverted Tower", "The Gang", "The Playground", "Normal". The film program is selected in such a way that it is suitable for classes of students of various ages and helps them to delve into the world around them and their own feelings. After the screening, discussions with the film educator are possible - during which students discuss the film they have seen, share their experiences, and discuss film topics.

A frame from the movie "Abnormal".

Read more about each film:
Queen of Nyndorf:
Inverted tower:

A shot from the movie "The Inverted Tower".

Ticket prices:
4,00 EUR/person - for groups of students, when there are more than 70 persons in the group;
EUR 5,00/person. - for groups of pupils, students, when there are 20 to 70 persons in the group;
40 EUR – the price of the discussion after the film for the whole group of students (up to 35 people are recommended);
Free of charge - 15 and more students, for the leader of the student group;
EUR 6,00/person. – when booking a session through the Culture Passport for groups of pupils and students.

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