We invite young people to participate in the weekend exchange

Romuva cinema invites children interested in cinema to spend the May and June weekends meaningfully. This weekend, a free youth exchange program is starting, which connects two cities - Kaunas and Luka (Poland), giving young film enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know the art of cinema up close. In each two-day weekend exchange, 10 children from Kaunas and 10 children from the cities of Lukas (Poland) will meet. The program will present the history of cinema - from the use of stop-motion animation techniques to modern audiovisual technologies. The young participants will create scenery, animation, reports, and by using the green screen, they will become the protagonists of their own films. Also, the participants will go on a special excursion that will invite you to hear about the history of cinema in the city of Kaunas, visit many locations of cinemas that used to operate here, and get to know the features of the interwar architecture.

"We created the youth exchange program taking into account the age of the participants. In the first sessions, two days of creative work will be combined into a common project - knowledge. Participants will be invited to create fictional knowledge about imaginary places, mystical beings and dream events. This way, they will be able to try various video production techniques: from filming, to animation, script writing, acting, and others," said Gailė Makutėnaitė, head of educational programs at Romuva movie house.

Exchange programs in Kaunas will take place on May 14-15. and 28-29 (for children aged 10-12) and June 11-12. and 18-19 (for children aged 15-17). After the classes, all selected participants will go to Lithuania in the autumn to gain experience in film art from Polish artists. Therefore, 40 children each from Lithuania and Poland will be able to participate in the youth exchange program. The program will invite you to try your hand at creating cinema and get to know the cities of Kaunas and Lukas better. The participants of the youth exchange program will be provided with meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and financed travel and accommodation expenses from Lithuania to the city of Lukas.

"I believe that the youth exchange is a comprehensively enriching experience, because in order to achieve a full-fledged, mutual dialogue-based presence together, it is important to develop intercultural competences and values ​​that pave the way for respect, understanding and the expression of individuality. We believe that this exchange is not only an introduction to film education, but also international friendships and new experiences", Indrė Mikelaitytė, head of Romuva's cultural projects, shared her thoughts on the project.

The youth exchange cycle is part of the project "Stuck in celluloid — cinema as a means of social integration", which is financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund "Interreg" VA Lithuanian-Polish cross-border cooperation program.

The project is organized by: Elko culture center, Kaunas cinema center Romuva".

Registration for the first youth exchange: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1xfg2E7Y2dTFsBfxFPG8U0_n-S0XXaCbnzdbRwDha9FQqDQ/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3u3jhYQmB6iyzruxHktNse3TOO1Q1Ob6s7cf5oFSKfrnL-KymBpEPXzd8

More information: edukacija@kcromuva.lt


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