LUX European Film Week features acclaimed, thought-provoking and thought-provoking films

As every year, the European Parliament invites you to choose the winner of the LUX European Audience Award. Between 2024 nominees - five films that have won the main prizes of the Berlin Film Festival, won or been nominated at the European Film Awards. All five films can be seen for free during the LUX European Film Week, which will take place on March 3-8 in Vilnius and Kaunas.

This is the best of 2023. European documentary "Smoke Sauna Sisterhood", dir. Anna Hints), Berlin Golden Bear winner Adamant (dir. Nicolas Philibert), Silver Bear winner 20 Species of Bees (dir. Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren ), The Teachers' Lounge (The Teachers' Lounge), nominated for an Oscar in the category of the best foreign film dir. Ilker Çatak) and Cannes Jury Prize winner Fallen Leaves (dir. Aki Kaurismäki).

"Since 2007, when the LUX European Audience Film Award was established, a community of loyal moviegoers has gathered, who look forward to screenings of the nominated films every year. This year, screenings of these films are a great opportunity to remember the fundamental values ​​of the European Union, especially before the European Parliament elections on June 9," says Daiva Jakaitė, head of the European Parliament office in Lithuania. It invites you to watch memorable and recognized films and choose the one you like the most. 

A still from the movie "Adamant".

Free sessions in Vilnius and Kaunas

All nominated films for the LUX Audience Award were selected by an international commission headed by Mike Downey, chairman of the European Film Academy. 

Estonian director A. Hints's documentary "Bathroom Sisters" takes you to a smoky sauna in the forest of southern Estonia, where women gather to bare both body and soul. Surrounded by warm and sultry heat, they open up with personal stories to get rid of fears and shame and find strength for a new life. 

Comedy love drama "Fallen Leaves" by the legendary Finnish director A. Kaurismäki tells the story of two lonely people: they try to find the first, only and greatest love of their lives after meeting by chance in the night of Helsinki. However, the path to the goal is full of obstacles.

Full of humanity and human warmth, the documentary story "Adamant" by the French director N. Philibert. It is a floating day center in the heart of Paris on the river Seine for people with mental disorders. The director invites you to get to know the patients and nurses who rebuild their lives every day.

A still from the movie 20 Species of Bees.

Spanish director EU Solaguren's sensitive and warm drama "20 species of bees" raises questions of sexuality. The film tells the story of an 000-year-old girl who is confused by the way people treat her. One summer in a farmhouse surrounded by beehives, a girl's life begins to change. The main actress Sofía Otero was awarded the "Silver Bear" for her evocative and organic performance. 

Made in Germany by the director Ilker Çatak's suspenseful drama "Teacher's Room" tells the story of Karla, a young and idealistic teacher who decides to investigate unsolved thefts at school. But uncovering the thief forces Karl to deal with a difficult dilemma.

All five contenders for the LUX Audience Award will be available on March 3-8 at free screenings at the "Pasaka" cinema in Vilnius (Sv. Ignoto str. 4/3) and at the "Romuva" cinema center in Kaunas. After some film screenings, there will be discussions with MEPs and experts from various fields. You can vote for one of your favorite films on the page

The winner will be announced in March at an awards ceremony in the European Parliament. The film, which won the LUX Audience Award, will be adapted for visually and hearing impaired viewers and popularized in EU countries.

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