Alina Orlova's songs and Mindaugas Urbaitis' music are heard in the new movie "I'm all right".

"Each of her songs is almost a movie, if you close your eyes while listening, you see images," says film director Ernestas Jankauskas, and without any hesitation confesses his love for musician, performer and composer Alina Orlova. Similar feelings visited the director when he first heard the music of Mindaugas Urbaitis, the composer and winner of the "Golden Stage Cross".

The songs of A. Orlova and the music of the composer M. Urbaitis will be heard in the latest movie "I'm all right" directed by E. Jankauskas, which will hit Lithuanian cinemas at the end of January. E. Jankauskas, who will soon present his third full-length feature film to the audience, likes to emphasize that he is first a musician, and only then a film director. That's why music is so important in his films. 

He says that he discovered the singer A. Orlova when he was creating a video advertisement for the Kaunas Film Festival. Looking for a sincere, unique melody, he showed her his future work. "After seeing the image, Alina just played a melody that fully met my expectations and imagination," he says, adding that the Kaunas Film Festival video clip with Alina's song can still be found online. 

Director Ernestas Jankauskas.

In the movie "I'm fine" there are even two well-known songs of Alina - "Moon" and "Ramuma". The singer says that cooperation with filmmakers is an interesting experience for her: "Filmmakers see music in their own way, give it a new, sometimes completely unexpected meaning and context. Music plays an accompanying, meaningful role in films, so it's always interesting to watch how your songs unfold in a new way, interwoven into the overall picture of the cinema."

E. Jankauskas' acquaintance with the music of M. Urbaitis took place at the Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. "My wife is very fond of ballet, sometimes she drags me to see it too. At that time I was invited to the modern ballet "The Process", at that time we were just making the film "I'm fine". When I heard the music playing in the ballet, I immediately realized that I would like to work with its creator - M. Urbaić." 

E. Jankauskas says that the creative process was long and very interesting. The composer's music, created especially for the film, was recorded with an orchestra and choir. "It was a completely new experience for me," the director admits and says that the music enriches the film, enhances the experiences of the main character Maria, and sometimes adds healthy irony. 

Alina Orlova. Monika Penkutė's photo.

Composer M. Urbaitis claims to have caught a common wave with the film director in the creative process. "It is not so often that developers understand each other, decipher each other's ideas," says M. Urbaitis. - I like the specifics of cinema - I come last when everything is done. A director has to have an idea of ​​what kind of music he wants in the film, but I like that feeling of the end, to create the music when the film is already locked.” 

For E. Jankauskas, it is extremely important that his films feature music by Lithuanian creators. "I choose for a long time, I listen a lot, I fumble, I search. I noticed Alina's music a long time ago, it seems that I always knew that my work and her works would meet someday. What she creates is dreamy, sensitive, open, captivating and captivating. I felt the same way when I heard M. Urbaitis's music for the first time. The musicians were smiling while performing it, and the audience was swaying to the beat. Wide, sensitive, rhythmic music seems to have caught and never let go," says the director. 

"I'm fine" is a funny and ironic film about a scientist who tries her best to maintain the image of a perfect woman she created. After returning from the clinic, she tries to convince her family and colleagues that she is fine. However, hiding panic attacks while competing for a research project and family love is much more difficult than she thinks. Especially when the teenage niece sings Vitalija Katunskytė's songs drunk at night, the mother argues with the doctors about the operation, the grandmother complains that she eats too little, and the fiancé would absolutely not want to see the heights of her career. 

A frame from the movie.

The movie "I'm all right" will be shown in Lithuanian cinemas from January 27. The production of the film was financed by the Lithuanian Film Center. The film is directed by E. Jankauskas, cinematographer Feliksas Abrukauskas, painter Paulius Jurevičius, composer Mindaugas Urbaitis, stars: G. Siurbytė, A. Paulavičius, Marius Repšys, Donatas Šimukauskas, Mija Di Marco, Nelė Savičenko, Elvyra Žebertavičiūtė, Dovilė Kundrotaitė. 

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