A new board game invites you to create a successful movie theater

The first board game about cinemas in Lithuania is already a reality. Kaunas film center "Romuva" together with two cinemas from Croatia - Kino Valli and Kino Gaj, created the board game "Let's play cinema", inviting you to enter the magical and enchanting world of cinema. The game will allow you to get to know European cinemas and try yourself as a cinema director.

The game was developed in collaboration with Terra Publica, a publisher with extensive experience in board game development. Indrė Maleckė, deputy director of Kaunas film center Romuva, was happy with the successful experience: "From the very first meetings with Terra Publika, a relationship based on trust and the pursuit of a common goal developed. Probably because, just sharing the idea, their eyes lit up just like ours and we realized that a very interesting process awaits us. We are very happy with this partnership and the result achieved together."

Indrė Maleckė and Gailė Janulevičė.

By rolling the dice, players try to organize as many different events, educational activities or festivals as possible, while improving their cinema spaces. The unique game was created to introduce movie lovers to the often unseen side of cinemas, where not only great joys await, but sometimes unforeseen challenges lurk - a broken sound system, sick employees, an unexpectedly torn screen or a copy of the film that did not arrive on time. "It's funny that all the bad events of the surprise card were invented based on their own real experiences. As players, we are not afraid of these cards, because we already know that everything can be solved and we can continue our journey forward", shared I. Maleckė.

Those who draw a card in the game can also be rewarded - they may be waiting for a film festival that has started, an avant-garde creator who wants to organize an event, or simply the achievements of the smiling goddess Sekmė. Gailė Janulevičė, head of educational programs, shared the specifics of working in a cinema: "We wanted to share the joys we live with with cinema lovers. The daily life of cinema employees is extremely dynamic - films, events and audiences are constantly changing. We can be happy that in reality there are more successful cards than unsuccessful ones".

An engaging resource management game will allow you to get acquainted with various European cinemas, their activities, challenges and joys. This game is intended for players over 12 years old and is published in two languages ​​- Lithuanian and Croatian. The board game can be purchased at the box office of Kaunas cinema center "Romuva", its price is 25 euros. 

The game "Let's play cinema" is part of the "Let's play cinema" project, which is run by Kaunas film center "Romuva" together with partners Kino Valli and Kino Gaj. The project is financed by the Collaborate to Innovate fund (Creative Europe program of the European Union).

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