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The unique spaces of the Romuva cinema, which have been renovated in a modern way, but have retained authentic modernist features, are perfectly suitable to organize various events. The smooth running of events and adaptation to individual needs is ensured by the experienced team of Romuva.

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For reservations and more information, please contact us:
phone: 867091255
by e-mail: indre.mikelaityte@kcromuva.lt.

Great hall

With 221 seats, the Great Hall is an ideal space for performances, concerts, theatre productions, conferences and presentations, with high-quality sound and lighting equipment, a large cinema screen and a 215 sqm stage. If required, the cinema can provide live streaming of your events from this room.

Chamber hall

With 45 seats, the Chamber Hall is ideal for seminars, special private and public film screenings, meetings and presentations. Its transformable space will create a cosy atmosphere and allow you to adapt the room for exclusive programs.


The lobby of the cinema which has preserved its unique modernist interior, and the café operating in it, are ideal for the festive part of the event, reception of guests, and banquets. The lobby can be rented when organizing an event in the Great Hall. The lobby space can also be used to hold exhibitions.

Reservations are accepted no later than 2 weeks before the planned event.

Before screening personal or self-acquired films in the cinema hall, they must be coordinated with the Romuva cinema centre administration and delivered 5 days before the planned event.

The Romuva team can help you find and rent films or put together a special film program for your event.

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