Protection of whistleblowers

Whistleblower Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - the Law) determines the rights and obligations of persons who have reported violations in institutions, the bases and forms of their legal protection, as well as the means of protection, promotion and assistance of these persons, in order to create appropriate opportunities to report violations of the law that threaten or violate the public interest , to ensure the prevention and disclosure of such violations.

Information about violations is provided to protect the public interest. Providing information for the purpose of defending exclusively personal interests is not considered a notification.

According to the Law, information about violations is provided for:

  1. danger to public safety or health, personal life or health;
  2. environmental hazards;
  3. obstructing or unlawfully influencing investigations conducted by law enforcement authorities or courts in the administration of justice;
  4. financing of illegal activities;
  5. illegal or non-transparent use of public funds or assets;
  6. illegally acquired property;
  7. concealing the consequences of the committed violation, preventing the determination of the extent of the consequences;
  8. other violations.

A person can provide information about a violation:

  1. in the institution;
  2. to the competent institution (prosecutor's office) directly;
  3. in public.

A person providing information about a violation can submit a report to the competent entity in the following ways:

  1. Directly arriving at Kaunas film center "Romuva";
  2. By sending a message by post. When sending a notification by mail, the tag "TO THE COMPETENT ENTITY PERSONALLY" must be indicated under the title;
  3. By sending a message to the email address:

Person appointed by order of the director: Goda Grigaliūnaitė

The person appointed by the director administers the internal channel for providing information on violations, examines the information received about violations, provides consultations on the application of whistleblower protection provisions established in legal acts.

We recommend submitting a breach notification by completing this  infringement notification form.

Confidentiality is guaranteed to the person who provided the information about the violation.

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