Playing Cinema

Helping the viewer to get to know European cinema through an interactive, comprehensible and easily accessible form is the goal of the international project "Playing cinema". The activities of this project were organized by the Kaunas Film Center "Romuva" together with partners from Croatia: Kino Gaj and Kino Valli. The initiative, which covered two European countries, invited viewers to screenings of European films that were recognized by critics and loved by the audience, presented educational cards for discussing films and the first Lithuanian board game about cinema in all three cinemas.

Trapped in Celluloid - Cinema as a Tool for Social Inclusion

Kaunas Cinema Centre, together with partners Ełk Cultural Center (Poland), is implementing the project "Trapped in Celluloid – Cinema as a Tool for Social Inclusion" from 2022. The project covers film therapy workshops for people working with vulnerable groups, especially children, youth and the elderly. A series of ten free events entitled "Cinema as Therapy" was organised to screen and discuss films with professional psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers. Cultural-educational exchanges for youth and the elderly people were organised in Kaunas and Ełk. At the end of the project, a manual on film therapy will be published.

Rising Cinema: a New Generation of European Film Ambassadors

The project aims to create a new model of film education, in which young people aged 15-20 get to know European cinema more closely, learning to watch and appreciate it, by taking over knowledge from specialists. In a special program, they become ambassadors of European cinema in each of the three cities. Together, they create a podcast and a blog, with the help of which they share their knowledge and insights with the general public. The project is implemented by the Kaunas Cinema Center "Romuva" together with partners Cinema Insuflavel (Porto, Portugal) and Ceniclube de Tavira (Faro, Portugal).

Journeys of European Cinema

The project "Journeys of European Cinema", organised together with the "Bear, Lion & Palm", invites you to get to know and love the cinema of different European countries and to see the most original films at the preview screenings. During the series of events from April to August 2022, Danish, Croatian, Icelandic, Kartvelian, Ukrainian, French, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian, Italian and Polish cinema is presented – films that have won awards and critical acclaim at major festivals. The project is part of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 program.

Travel with Films

The international project "Travel with Films" invited audiences to get to know the cinema and cultural aspects of different European countries through special educational-entertainment sessions. Cinema events allowed the audience not only to immerse in exciting stories, but also helped to deepen the knowledge about relevant problems and offered to participate in a specially developed game. The project program was designed to introduce young people to cult films and give them the opportunity to see them on the cinema screen. At the same time, the initiative connected three European cities: Kaunas Cinema Centre “Romuva”, Vilnius Cinema Boutique “Pasaka”, and “Splendid Palace” Cinema in Riga.  

Romuva outdoor cinema

"Romuva" cinema started organizing outdoor movie screenings back in 2016. Starting as an initiative of individual events in city parks, Romuva's open-air cinema has grown into a tradition loved by the people of Kaunas, now organized annually during the summer season with regular screenings. Such city locations as the Kaunas Castle Amphitheater, Kalniečių Park, Santaka Park, the courtyard of the Small Stages of the National Kaunas Drama Theater, the courtyard of the Lithuanian Museum of Education History and others have become outdoor cinema locations. Cozy and free atmosphere, fresh air and moody art films have become inseparable highlights of outdoor cinema. 

Cinema that needs no words

The project sought to actualize silent cinema, highlight its heritage and adapt its screening and creative interpretation possibilities for today. During it, screenings of six silent silent film classics were organized and a new educational-creative workshop "Meeting with Ch. Chaplin" was created. Two film screenings were presented by film historian Gediminas Jankauskas, thereby introducing the audience to this period of cinema. Meanwhile, the workshop invited children to learn about silent cinema, with the help of the easily recognizable Charles Chaplin figure.

V. Starewicz’s Animation Laboratory and Animation Weekend

The project is part of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 program. It consists of two parts: a program of educational-creative animation workshops, and the festival "Animation Weekend", which took place in Kaunas for the first time on 2022-28 May 29. The project was inspired by Wladyslaw Starewicz, who is considered to be the pioneer of stop-motion puppet animation, and had created some of his most important films in Kaunas, and by the desire to present animation as a versatile medium that can interest both children and adults.

Actualisation of the cultural heritage object of Kaunas Cinema Centre Romuva

Kaunas Cinema Centre Romuva has implemented the project "Actualisation of the cultural heritage object of Kaunas Cinema Centre Romuva by bringing it to active life, optimising it and raising the quality of services". Cinema Centre Romuva is the only one of the interwar Kaunas cinemas that has survived and preserved its main functions, the building of which is a cultural heritage object protected by the state. During the project, the cultural heritage object Romuva cinema centre, built in 1940 and located in the centre of Kaunas, Laisvės al. 54, was renovated.

Film camp "I am filming Kaunas"

In 2015-2019, Kaunas Film Centre Romuva organised a film camp for 15–19-year-olds. At the camp, the participants learned the art of filming and acting, took part in excursions and orienteering competitions in unknown spaces of Kaunas city, with the aim of capturing them and showing them in a different way. Exceptional shots, unexplored spaces, social experiments, stepping out of the comfort zone and dynamic teamwork became the core elements of the camp. Exclusive shots, undiscovered spaces, social experiments, leaving the comfort zone and dynamic teamwork - these became the core elements of the camp.

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