Travel with Films

From February to June 2022, the international project "Travel with Films" invited audiences to get to know the cinema and cultural aspects of different European countries through special educational-entertainment sessions. Cinema events allowed the audience not only to immerse in exciting stories, but also helped to deepen the knowledge about relevant problems and offered to participate in a specially developed game. The project program was designed to introduce young people to cult films and give them the opportunity to see them on the cinema screen. At the same time, the initiative connected three European cities: Kaunas Cinema Centre “Romuva”, Vilnius Cinema Boutique “Pasaka”, and “Splendid Palace” Cinema in Riga.

Cinema is one of the most accessible art forms, constantly balancing between entertainment and culture. Naturally, as the world around us changes, the culture of watching films is also changing rapidly. In the light of these trends, the project organisers have put together a diverse program of events consisting of eight films, the screenings of which were complemented by presentations and performances. Also, during the entire series of events, the audience was invited to participate in the game: solve puzzles about cinema, answer questions about the films seen and perform creative tasks on a smartphone app.

The program of the project, made up of modern and old classics, as well as contemporary films, introduced the audience to eight characters who have wonderful, romantic adventures and sometimes painful experiences in films. The films explore the topics of ecology, love, fashion, history, sport, philosophy and sensitive issues of human rights and identity – issues that are close to and relevant for people today. The "Travel with Films" project presented European cinema as a reflection of cultural diversity and an adventure. Looking through the lens of different nationalities, the viewer had the opportunity to understand the inner world of a person who speaks every possible language.

The program of events from 10 February to 2 June included films: Amelie (France, 2001), Dior and I (France, 2014), 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Romania, 2007), The Jump (Lithuania, 2020), Run Lola Run (Germany, 1998), Nosferatu (Germany, 1922), Honeyland (North Macedonia, 2019), Kes (United Kingdom, 1969).

One of the most interesting screenings of the project, a screening of the classic film ‘Nosferatu’, helped to establish a new partnership with the nightclub ‘Lizdas’ (The Nest). During the event, the film sounded completely different, with live soundtrack created by three electronic music artists Shurmin Nikita, Deserted Island, Bojarchük.

The project was organized by: Kaunas Cinema Centre "Romuva", "Kino pasaka", "Splendid palace".

The project is financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


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