Cinema that needs no words

Cinema that needs no words

The project sought to actualize silent cinema, highlight its heritage and adapt its screening and creative interpretation possibilities for today. Screenings of six classical silent film classics were organized and a new workshop "Meeting with Ch. Chaplin". Two film screenings were presented by film historian Gediminas Jankauskas, thereby introducing the audience to this period of film creation. Meanwhile, the film workshop invited children to learn about silent cinema, with the help of the easily recognizable Charles Chaplin figure.

During the educational-creative workshop "Meeting with Ch. Chaplin", the participants got acquainted with silent cinema, watched and discussed some of the most famous scenes of silent films, and practically tried their hand at creating animation using the stop-motion technique. They also learned how puppets for animation are made and used the original hand-made animation puppet of Charlie Chaplin for the production of short films themselves. Kaunas Cinema Center "Romuva" continues to organize these educational workshops for the students of the city of Kaunas.

During the special cycle, viewers had a chance to see these films: "The Gold Rush" (1925), "The General" (1926), "Pandora's Box" (1929), "Dr. Caligari's Cabinet" (1920), "The Kid" (1921) and "Metropolis" (1927).

The project is financed by the Lithuanian Film Center. 

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