In the "Holiday Comedy Club" there are inspiring stories, classics and a lot of good humor

The traditional "Holiday Comedy Club" is returning to the Kaunas Film Center "Romuva". The audience's favorite classic and latest comedies, of which there are even ten in this year's program, will help create an upbeat mood! The light-filled cinema will delight visitors with films such as Triangle of Sorrows, Perfect Liars, The Big Lebowski, Mrs. Harry Goes to Paris, Figaro in Love, Love Affairs, The Good Boss, Unbelievable But truth" and a family session "Teddy Bear's Christmas". And on December 28 the cinema invites you to festively celebrate International Film Day and presents films full of nostalgia, romance and subtle fantasy "A Wonderful Era" free session. 

A bright highlight of this year's program is the return of the cult classic to the cinema screen for two special screenings "The Big Lebowski". The action of the film revolves around Jeff Lebowski, whose peaceful life is disturbed by a crazy coincidence, when he is mixed up with a millionaire of the same name, whose wife is kidnapped. Full of absurd situations, sharp dialogues and dreamy visions, the 1998 criminal film. the comedy earned directors brothers Joel and Ethan Coen as many as 4 awards and 17 nominations at the Berlin International Film Festival. 

A scene from the movie "The Big Lebowski"

"Holiday Comedy Club" is practically unimaginable without one of the most popular European comedies of all time - the tape of the Italian director Paolo Genoveses "Perfect Liars". The film focuses on a group of friends who decide to try out the game over dinner, all of whom place their phones on the table and read each message they receive out loud, answering conversations on speakerphone. The aim of the intriguing game is to prove that no one has anything to hide. The comedy, characterized by a simple but extremely well-solved plot, human characters and subtle humor, so impressed viewers and creators all over the world that the film received the Guinness World Records for the largest number of film remakes. 

"Triangle of Sadness" consider "The Good Boss" - these are the comedies that won the hearts of viewers and critics this year. "Triangle of Sorrow" won Swedish director Ruben Östlund's second Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and was chosen as the best European film of 2022. The satirical comedy aptly comments on the vanity of today's elite and class differences, turning what Instagrammable, to the infernal. Directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, The Good Boss, starring the devilishly charming actor Javier Bardem, delves into the vicissitudes of the capitalist world, grand ambitions, and the lack of morality and empathy to achieve one's goals. The clever comedy won 6 Spanish Goya awards and the title of this year's best European comedy.

A still from the movie "Triangle of Sadness"

Those looking for romance will be delighted by the tapes "Figaro in Love" consider "The love affairs". The Australian "Figaro in Love" tells about a girl who decided to fulfill her dream of becoming an opera singer. The comedy spreads sincere positivity with the message that you will find true love only when you find yourself. Meanwhile, the film "Love Affairs", which lacks French romance and courage, will ask whether we always do what we say and whether we really say what we really do. Innocent lies and unlearned lessons weave a story full of unexpected twists and subtle humor.

A warm and optimistic comedy will guarantee a good mood in the cinema "Mrs. Harry Goes to Paris". The film focuses on an elderly housekeeper who dreams of a beautiful Dior dress she saw in the house she was cleaning. Based on the famous novel, the humorous comedy invites you to enjoy life and believe that everything is possible. The costumes in the film are authentic, created based on the archives of the Dior fashion house. 

French comedy with a touch of fantasy "Unbelievable, but true" will invite you to think about how we value the passing of time. In the basement of their newly purchased house, the couple discovers a mysterious anomaly: a door through which you can be rejuvenated. And a visiting friend tells an even more incredible story about a company in Japan that offers mobile phone-controlled "male gear" that will never disappoint. Although at first glance the miracles experienced by both friends are unequivocally wonderful, as time goes by it becomes clear that maybe not everything is going exactly as they would like.

Another special session of the program will invite families to come to the cinema. A sweet holiday story awaits them A Teddy Bear Christmas. Miracles in the movie begin when, next to the many toys, the girl sees what she has dreamed of all her life - a cute soft teddy bear. Strangely familiar, Mirijan and teddy bear don't even suspect that soon both of them will have incredible adventures that only happen at Christmas. This is a cozy, instructive Christmas tale for the whole family about the importance of friendship, the warmth of loved ones, coziness and miracles.

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