Children's movies for the holiday season

The festive period is almost here, so we have compiled a list of films that will cheer you up, put you in a festive mood and bring schoolchildren together for a cozy get-together before the winter holidays. Registration for movie screenings for school groups for the month of December has already started.

Christmas on Cobbler street
(Christmas on Cobbler Street)

A witty and inspiring Norwegian Christmas story about two unexpected friends!

Just before Christmas, 10-year-old Stinė arrives in a small town by train without a ticket. Seeking shelter from the cold winter wind, she sneaks into a house on Batsiuvių Street - or rather, into the shoemaker Andersen's workshop. A grumpy old man who prefers to spend time alone resists the presence of a cheerful and unshaven girl. However, the acquaintance of the two turns both their lives in a new direction...

Director: Mikal Hovland
Year: 2023
Country: Norway
Duration: 95 min
dubbed in Lithuanian

You can order the movie "Christmas in Shoemakers' Street" for viewing from 2023/12/01

Teddy's Christmas
(Teddy's Christmas)

The small town is enveloped in a fabulous Christmas spirit. Little girl Mirijan is also waiting for the most beautiful holidays of the year. On the way from the store, Mirijan's attention is caught by the Christmas lottery. Next to the many toys, the girl sees what she has dreamed about all her life - a cute soft teddy bear.

Strangely familiar, Mirijan and teddy bear don't even suspect that soon both of them will have incredible adventures full of miracles that only happen at Christmas! A cozy, instructive Christmas tale for the whole family about the importance of friendship, the warmth of loved ones, coziness and miracles.

Director: Andrea Eckerbom
Year: 2022
Country: Norway
Duration: 78 min
dubbed in Lithuanian

The Ghost of Canterville Castle
(The Canterville Ghost)

Sir Simon de Canterville has been acting in his castle for 300 years and he loves it! More than one guest who dared to stay in the ghost's estates quickly escaped from there, and all this gave Sir Canterville a lot of good laughs. But when Mr. Otis and his family move into the old castle, the old ghost gets a shock! It turns out that for the new owners of the castle, the ghostly scare "bajeruikas" are not scary at all and ... a little outdated. Whatever method of scaring Sir Canterville chooses, the modern household just likes it all the more! The old ghost flies around his castle holding his head! Where has this been seen! He, a "professional scaremonger", managed to be properly intimidated by Mr. Otis's battered twin nephews, Kent and Louis. And Mrs. Lucretia, the wife of Ambassador Otis, offers him some grease to lubricate the clanking chains, because it is impossible to fall asleep with such noise! To Sir Canterville this is the worst shame! If this continues, he - Sir Canterville will lose his reputation as the scariest scarecrow forever! After befriending the young Miss Virginia, the charming ghost tells the incredible story of his life and that's when the most real adventures, full of the most interesting secrets, begin.

Director: Kim Burdon, Robert Chandler
Year: 2023
Country: Great Britain
Duration: 89 min
dubbed in Lithuanian

The movie "The Ghost of Canterville Castle" can be ordered for viewing from 2023

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