Fateful Encounters in Past Lives: Marina Abramović's Experience and the Actors Avoiding Confrontation

Among the most anticipated premieres this autumn is the modern love story "Past Lives" (Past Lives). November 24 The epicenter of the film, which is starting to be shown in Lithuanian cinemas, is two childhood friends who were separated by emigration twenty years ago.

Actors Greta Lee and Teo Yoo, who played the lead roles of Nora and Hae Sung in Celine Song's debut feature, paid special attention to the scene where the heroes meet after many years. In the rehearsals, the world-famous performance artist Marina Abramović came in handy in 2024. visiting Lithuania for the second time. 

Among the most iconic works of M. Abramović is the 2010 "The Artist is Present" performance at the MoMA museum in New York. Its essence is an invitation to sit in front of the artist and look into her eyes. One particular part of the performance became an internet sensation - it was Abramović's meeting with her former love, the German artist Ulay. It was an unexpected participant of the event for the celebrity - in the video clip, you can clearly see how tears appear in the woman's eyes, and Ulay, as if unable to believe what he is seeing, takes a deep breath and keeps shaking his head. The two hold out their hands to each other in silence. 

"We have watched this video clip countless times. The beauty of the moment, the significance of their meeting, and the whole backstory contained in the glances is uncannily similar to what happens in a movie script when Nora and Hae Sung meet again after so many years,” says Korean-American Greta Lee. Coincidence - the actress claims that she has been waiting for such a role for about twenty years, that is, the same time as her heroine spends in exile until her childhood crush visits her. 

The love story of "Past Lives" is as undulating and unpredictable as the Pacific Ocean separating two continents. Nora, who emigrated from South Korea with her parents, pursues a career as a writer and moves to New York. Her husband is a local, she only speaks Korean with her mother, and she doesn't think about the past in Seoul at all. Hae Sung, who has awakened a memory and is determined to go on a long journey, faces another confrontation - a guest from Korea and Nora's husband. 

“Before we started shooting the scene where Hae Sung and Arthur meet for the first time, I made sure that the actors did not meet outside the set. We specially coordinated all the schedules so that they avoid each other," reveals director Celine Song, who does not hide that the idea, which required additional efforts, paid off handsomely. "When I was reading the script, I deliberately left out the scenes where Nora is talking to Hae Sung without Arthur present," adds John Magaro, who played the writer. 

"Past Lives" was produced and presented by the US film studio "A24". With this film, "Kino Pavasaris Distribution" marks a new stage of activity in all three Baltic countries. Celine Song's romantic drama is in theaters from November 24, and already on December 15. Another film presented by "A24" - a comedy - is starting to be shown in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia "Dream Scenario" (Dream Scenario) with Nicolas Cage.

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