Days of Lithuanian Cinema Classics invite you to rediscover Lithuanian cinema

On September 13-14, the free event "Days of Lithuanian Cinema Classics" organized by the Lithuanian Film Center will this year invite movie lovers to the big screens in eight cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Ukmerge, Vilkaviški, Pasvaly, Marijampolė and Anykščiai. 

In the film classics days held for the fifth time, viewers are invited to rediscover, and perhaps see for the first time, films that have earned the name of Lithuanian film classics. All the films shown have been restored, digitized and adapted for big screens.

This year, the Days of Cinema Classics will be opened with the Lithuanian melodrama "Summer Ends in Autumn" (1981) directed by Gytis Lukš. The film tells the story of Vilius, who grew up without a father. His father spent many years in prison due to a serious accident. However, after regaining his freedom, he did not immediately return home. During this time his wife died. When Vilius' father returns after many years, two strangers meet with no past. Father and son rent a room from a young widow, work together and iron out their tense relationship day after day. Three lonely people live under one roof. Inevitably, a love affair begins to develop between the two of them.

A frame from the movie "Summer ends in autumn".

The films for their repertoires were chosen by the cinematographers themselves from the catalog of restored films of the Lithuanian Film Center, which expands every year. In addition to the above-mentioned film, this year's repertoire includes as many as 12 restored films. Lithuanian viewers are invited to re-watch such well-known legendary films as "Children from the "Amerika" Hotel" (dir. A. Banionis, 1990), "Nut Bread" (dir. A. Žebriūnas, 1978) and "The Devil's Bride" ” (dir. A. Žebriūnas, 1973). 

We also invite you to watch the equally well-known films "Feelings" (dir. A. Grikevičius, A. Dausa, 1968), "My Little Wife" (dir. A. Banionis, 1985), "Woman" on the cinema screens. and her four men" (dir. Algimantas Puipa, 1984), "Neatmenu tavo veido" (dir. R. Banionis, 1988), "Living Heroes" (dir. A. Žebriūnas, B. Bratkauskas, V. Žalakevičius, M. Giedrys, 1959), "Last Day of Vacation" (dir. A. Žebriūnas, 1964), "Adam wants to be a man" (dir. V. Žalakevičius, 1959), "March! March! Tra-ta-ta!” (dir. R. Vabalas, 1965), and "Adult Games" (dir. I. Rudas-Gercovskis, A. Kundelis, M. Giedrys, 1967). 

A frame from the movie "Adam wants to be human".

All Lithuanian cinema classic days screenings are free. Films are shown on September 13-14. 

The event is organized by the Lithuanian Film Center.

Program in Kaunas:

September 14
18:00 p.m. "Summer ends in autumn" (dir. G. Lukšas, 1981)
19:45 p.m. "Adam wants to be a man" (dir. V. Žalakevičius, 1959)

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