Unexpectedly sensitive "Iron Grips": streams of sweat and tears on cinema screens

Strong men in the limelight, but little boys behind closed doors - this is how the Von Erich family can be presented, whose history soaked in sweat and tears in the film "The Iron Claw" (The Iron Claw) is revealed by director Sean Durkin. The film, which opens in Lithuanian cinemas on February 23, makes you think: toxic family relationships - a curse passed on from generation to generation, or a springboard for personal happiness? 

A painful family history

"Iron Grips" takes you to the wild and extravagant 20th century. the late decades when the music was obscenely loud and the pants were sacrilegiously short. The film focuses on the Texas-based Von Erichs, whose real name is Adkisson, but whose father chose a German-sounding pseudonym because he played the bad guy in the wrestling ring. 

Failing to achieve his goals, Chief Von Erich projected them into sons who found it difficult to cope with the onslaught of responsibility, fame and ever-increasing tensions. The film demonstrates how values ​​change when family relationships become business, and the true cost of strict parenting. But not all Von Erichs are destined to take chances. 

Actors turned wrestlers 

What Adele called the best movie she's ever seen comes from psychological thriller master, director and screenwriter Sean Durkin. Together with him, he worked on the drama "Saulius sonus" (Son of Saul) cinematographer Mátyás Erdély and a fantastic tandem of actors: Zac Efron, who needs no introduction, of the Bear series (The Bear) star, the new face of Calvin Klein, Jeremy Allen White, in The Triangle of Sadness (Triangle of Sadness) shining Harris Dickinson and Lily James shining in the male company.

"I think we were united by the common shame of having to climb into the ring in our panties." We felt a little insecure and stupid. Overall. We got along really well, felt good around each other and supported each other. After all, we were all learning wrestling tricks together, and we all wanted to do our job well,” Dickinson recalls of the experience with Efron and Allen. 

A surprise for music lovers from Arcade Fire

The authentic story of the Von Erichs is reminded in the film not only by costumes, cars and other artifacts, but also by the sound of music. Fans of "the old days" will recognize John Denver or rockers Blue Öyster Cult when watching the film, while modern music lovers will love the fact that the soundtrack of "Iron Grips" is written by Richard Reed Parry, frontman of the cult Canadian band Arcade Fire. 

The main song of the film "Live That Way Forever", which makes even the toughest guys cry in the dark of the movie theater, was recorded by the musician together with his wife Laurel Sprengelmeyer.  

The latest hit of the film studio "A24", the story of one family's ambitions, triumph and curse based on real facts, is in Lithuanian cinemas from February 23. The film is presented by Kino Pavasaris Distribution.

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