Journeys of European Cinema

Journeys of European Cinema

A still from the Polish film All Our Fears.

The project "Journeys of European Cinema", organised together with the "Bear, Lion & Palm", invites you to get to know and love the cinema of different European countries and to see the most original films at the preview screenings. In the series of events from April to August 2022, Danish, Croatian, Icelandic, Kartvelian, Ukrainian, French, Austrian, Swiss, Belgian, Italian and Polish cinema is presented – films that have won awards and critical acclaim at major festivals.

The program of the "Journeys of European Cinema" project uses cinema to introduce the public to the colourful diversity, history, and authenticity of European culture, emphasizing the specifics of the region. Being in Europe, we have many similarities, but at the same time we are unique in our historical-cultural experience, established tradition and mentality. In order to live together in a comprehensive way, based on mutual dialogue and not confrontation, it is important to understand the prerequisites of multicultural coexistence, learn to recognize the causes of cultural and social exclusion and develop intercultural competences and values that pave the way for respect, understanding and expression of individuality.

A frame from the Sakartveli film "What do we see when we look at the sky?"

By dedicating each screening of the project to learning about the culture of a different European country, the project aims to present cinema not only as entertainment but also as a cultural phenomenon that fosters empathy, critical thinking and tolerance. The plots of the non-commercial films presented in the repertoire reflect relevant, sensitive topics – family relations, generational problems, search for identity, friendship, and the experiences of people who have been left on the margins of society. With the project, we emphasize that different European cultures share the same common human problems and values, which show the interconnectedness, i.e., the same nature of all of us.

A still from the French film "Charlotte on Jane".

Sessions of the project are carried out from 2022. April until 2022 August.
The project is part of the "Kaunas - European Capital of Culture 2022" program.


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