Dreams - a problem or its solution? A dream researcher interprets the new Nicolas Cage film

"Perhaps in reality we are not very far from what is happening in this film. Maybe we have drawn the curtains too far and are voluntarily losing our privacy. And if you start to get into a person's dreams - well, that's how you conquer the subconscious space, which must be personal," warns journalist, writer, best known to the public today as an interpreter of dreams and a specialist in active dreaming, Rita Banienė. On Friday evening, she presented the film "Dream Scenario" to those gathered at the Kaunas Film Center "Romuva". 

The black comedy starring Nicolas Cage, which is shown in cinemas all over Lithuania, criticizes modern society and at the same time provides interesting references to what is happening in our subconscious. So what does an expert in this field think about the script of the film directed by the Norwegian Kristoffer Borgli and the possibilities of our dreams? 

Rita, to what extent do you think the plot of the "Dream Script" is possible in our lives - that is, is it realistic that strangers in different countries start dreaming about the same person, who is also unknown to them?

I would say that this film is a critique of the patterns prevalent in our society, especially social networks. It was after seeing Nicolas Cage's hero on any screen that mass psychosis began. And that it is indeed possible for many to dream of the same person, yes - I have an example myself. I studied at the "Active dreaming school" in the United States of America. Its founder Robert Moss, my mentor, used to say that he dreams of it very often - especially ladies. She writes letters to him when she dreams. True, he is an interesting and handsome man. So there are such phenomena. 

In general, dreams are related to our subconscious. In the West lucid dreaming – conscious, lucid dreaming – especially popular. Then you can control your dreams because you know you are dreaming. Yes, a person can control the activity of the subconscious and change the plot of dreams, those at first glance unconscious images. However, we will not see this in "Dream Scenario" - the film focuses on unconscious dreams. I suggest you pay attention to the various details that appear on the screen. For example, the basement is already indicated in Freud's thinking as a subconscious area. See what twists and turns of the film's plot take place in the basement. 

Well, back to the original question, yes, it is actually possible. People in general often dream of celebrities - like neither this nor that. True, not as massively as in this film, in which this massiveness is caricatured. Of course, some of the things it says that get out of hand are disturbing. Maybe in reality we are not very far from what is happening in this comedy. Maybe we have drawn the curtains too far and are voluntarily losing our privacy. When one begins to enter one's dreams, one conquers the subconscious space, which must be personal. 

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Is it worth waking up after a very intense dream to rush to the Internet to find out what the plot or its details mean? How do you rate the so-called dreamers?

Dream books, both virtual and published in the form of paper books, provide a wide range of explanations. If you open five dreamers, everyone will interpret the same symbol differently. In addition, modern psychologists argue among themselves whether dreams are a filing of past events or a projection of the future. So I would not suggest following the dreamers because they can be misleading. For example, Jung divided dreams into simple and big dreams. The simple ones are usually domestic, where we repeat what we did during the day, while the big ones can be related to big events. 

Well, in more serious dream schools, it is suggested that a person get to know the symbolism of his subconscious by writing a dream diary. In other words, if you dreamed of something more interesting, write it all down. It is recommended to write in the present tense, do not forget the date, name. Our subconscious is quite primitive, and figuring out the symbolism of our dreams is not that difficult. For example, we dream of shoes. The famous Greek dream interpreter and researcher Artemidorus said that this symbol would mean completely different things to a king and a cobbler. Perhaps this will mean new hikes, trips, and if you are a businessman, a shoe seller, maybe a new shipment of goods.

Why is it useful? The better we get to know our subconscious, the better we can control our unconscious impulses. In addition, many great discoveries of humanity were made in dreams - for example, Mendeleev and the table of chemical elements. 

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And can we increase the probability of dreaming something positive as the night approaches? How to prepare yourself for sleep so that we don't have nightmares? 

No need to be afraid of nightmares. There is such a popular British lucid dreaming coach, Charlie Morley. He talks like this - it's not bad to have a nightmare. They pay attention to those things that we touch during the day. If you have nightmares every night, then you need to take care of yourself. Of course, it all depends on what kind of dream it is. Psychology, relationships, economics, social connections - the dream points to an area of ​​your life where there is trouble. If you can control your dreaming, you will solve the problem in the dream itself. For example, if you are being chased in a dream, now it is suggested not to fight it and look the fear in the eyes, embrace the object that causes fear, give it love and accept that part of ourselves that we have pushed away in reality.

If you definitely want to dream something positive, I would also like to remind you that life is not only positive or only negative. I would suggest to see more positivity in everyday life, spend less time on social networks, enjoy reality, close people, and nature, which is not yet destroyed, more often. 

I can twist the question a little - how to dream a solution to a problem? A friend of mine, a very rational person, lost her planner. She complained to me, and I suggested that she calm down, lie in the bath, write a note asking her subconscious mind to show me where the planner is, think again before going to sleep, and put the note under her pillow. Of course, my friend found the planner under her shopping bags in the morning. In a dream, her grandmother came to her, took her to the hallway and showed her where he was. So if you have a similar problem, use this simple advice, ask yourself, your subconscious, how to solve it. A dream can dictate both a direct answer and give directions. Your subconscious will not betray you or lie to you. 

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Currently in theaters, the film "Dream Scenario" begins with an unusual situation - millions of people around the world are united by ... a teacher that no one cares about. Nicolas Cage, who is missed by the audience, created an extremely strong role, titled as a comedy nugget. His hero suddenly starts to make everyone dream - even sleepy but interested students start flocking to his boring lectures. Especially female students! However, after becoming a celebrity overnight, fame is not as sweet as it appears on TV. And where is the only one who doesn't even dream of having her own husband? 

The comedy, which does not lack social criticism, is especially relevant for those who dream of becoming famous at any cost - as well as for those who would pay the same amount for the opportunity to remain anonymous. The film is presented by the independent US film studio A24 and Kino Pavasaris Distribution.

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