My mother is a gorilla

Original language: dubbed in Lithuanian


Joana, an orphan, wishes with all her heart that someone would adopt her and she would finally have a mother who would love the orphaned girl more than anything in the world. But when an old kledar pulls up to the children's home and the "new" mother gets out of it, Joana loses her hope. Because her future mother is a gorilla! However, the girl decides to leave her old home and embark on the adventure of her life. Based on Frida Nilsson's novel of the same name, Linda Hambäck's animated film Mama Mama Gorilla is an unconventional story about social outcasts and love that overcomes all obstacles.

Recommended for preschoolers, grades 1-2. for students.

Areas of education: moral and artistic education, knowledge of the world, general competences.

Topics for conversations after the movie: šeima, emotions and feelings, friendship, being yourself, love.


Director: Linda Hamback
Year: 2021
Country: Sweden, Denmark, Finland
Runtime: 75 min
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