Family, Adventure

Teddy's Christmas

Original language: dubbed in Lithuanian

Teddy's Christmas

The small town is enveloped in a fabulous Christmas spirit. Little girl Mirijan is also waiting for the most beautiful holidays of the year. On the way from the store, Mirijan's attention is caught by the Christmas lottery. Next to the many toys, the girl sees what she has dreamed about all her life - a cute soft teddy bear.

Strangely familiar, Mirijan and teddy bear don't even suspect that soon both of them will have incredible adventures full of miracles that only happen at Christmas! A cozy, instructive Christmas tale for the whole family about the importance of friendship, the warmth of loved ones, coziness and miracles.

Recommended for 1-4 cl. for students.

Areas of education: moral and artistic education, knowledge of the world, general competences.

Topics for conversation after the movie: Christmas, holidays, friendship, adventures, miracles.

Director: Andrea Eckerbom
Year: 2022
Country: Norway
Runtime: 78 min
Rating: V
Starring: Marte Klerck-Nilssen, Jan Gunnar Røise, Mariann Hole, Nader Khademi
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