Historical drama

New Lithuania

Original language: Lithuanian

New Lithuania

The year 1938. Interwar Kaunas. As Lithuania celebrates its XNUMXth anniversary of independence, the threat of an inevitable war sparks on the European horizon. Geography professor Feliksas Gruodis, worried about the future of the young state, comes up with a crazy plan. He proposes to the Government to create a backup Lithuania on the African continent. Here, in case of danger, the country's inhabitants could move. A carefully planned idea needs the support of the government, but only the country's prime minister, disillusioned with politics, believes in the professor. While both men decide whether to save others or save themselves, the marriage of one of them collapses. The prototype of the character of Felix Gruodis is K. Pakštas, but Gruodis, as well as the rendering of the historical situation, is different from M. Ivaškevičius's play "Madagascar" read in schools.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font> Recommended for students from 5-12 grades.

Areas of education: history, social, artistic, cultural, civic education, general competences.

Topics for conversation after the movie: Lithuanian history, politics, Lithuanian cinema, interwar period, Kazys Pakštas.


Director: Karolis Kaupinis
Subtitles: English
Year: 2019
Country: Lietuva
Runtime: 96 min
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