Comedy, Drama

A monk and a gun

Original language: English, Botian

The Monk and the Gun

Kingdom of Bhutan, 2006. The hard-to-reach Himalayan state is opening up to modernization, becoming the last in the world to introduce television and connect to the Internet. After the king abdicates, the country begins to prepare for the biggest change - democracy. First of all, you need to tell the residents what elections are and how to vote. For the organizers, it becomes a challenge full of paradoxes and comical situations. In a remote village where religion is far more popular than the idea of ​​democracy, there is a rumor that the head lama is preparing for a special ceremony. All that is known about the ritual is that, in the words of the lama, "everything needs to be corrected." A monk sent by him is looking for two weapons in a country where they are almost non-existent. But the American gun collector is looking for the same thing.

The Monk and the Gun, which won the audience awards at the Vancouver and Mumbai International Film Festivals and was shortlisted at the Oscars, is the second film by Bhutanese director Pawo Choyning Dorji. The director recorded Bhutan, which is only in its third decade of film history, in the history of the Oscars, when his first film, which was filmed in the most remote inhabited area, "Lunana. Yak in the classroom" (Teacher: A Yak in the Classroom, 2019) was nominated in the best foreign film category.

Director: Pawo Choyning Dorji
Subtitles: Lithuanian
Year: 2023
Country: Bhutan, France, USA, Taiwan
Runtime: 107 min
Rating: N-7
Starring: Tandin Wangchuk, Harry Einhorn, Tandin Phubz
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