Vaizdo įrašas

Up the hill

Lithuanian-German ensemble performance

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Up the hill …. to the Ninth Fort in Kaunas about 1,000 deported men, women and children from Munich had to walk after being put on a train on November 20, 1941. They were shot just a few days later. Also, approximately 30,000 Jews had to walk up this hill, many of them had been “selected” in Kaunas Ghetto and sent to the place of mass murder.

12 young people from Munich traveled to Lithuania and together with 19 students from Kaunas they researched on both cities’ history during the Nazi regime. They transformed memories into music, texts, scenes and choreographies, found forgotten places and tried to make them visible through performance in public space. After an intense rehearsing period in Munich the Lithuanian-German ensemble presents the performance “UP THE HILL”.

Artistic directors: Dorothee Janssen und Julian Monatzeder
Historical consulting: Dr. Thomas Rink (nsdoku Munich)
Music education and sound: Julian Scheufler
Project assistant: Luise Magda Flath

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